What is Do Follow and No Follow Link for SEO

Today’s post, I am going to share the knowledge of Do follow and No follow with you , we will know this in details today. Those who are blogging new. And want to know about SEO. So it is very important to know about dofollow and nofollow link too. So for them this post is going to be very good. 

Whenever we talk in SEO. So it has some common words. – crawling, bots, noindex, doindex, nofollow, dofollow . All these words have their own importance in SEO. Today we will know about Dofollow and Nofollow.

Initially, when blogging, we create a new blog. So how will google and Bing know that you have created the blog? For that, we have to submit sitemap of website or blog in google, bing . As soon as we submit the site then google bots crawl our website or blog. And do indexing of the site so that the viewer can search in the search engine. 

Why every bloggers need to know about Do follow and No follow

Numerous kinds of individuals visit our site. What’s more, in each site, whatever it is on the subject, it needs a connect to different destinations, yet do you realize that if unintentionally, a few locales have connections to locales like Bad Information, Hacking, Criminal Info and so on. In any case, after coming, your site can likewise be Google Spam so your site won’t be ordered in Google Search Engine.

Without SEO, we cannot make our website or blog reach the heights if you want to know what SEO is. Then click

It is necessary to write a good article for our blog ya website. SEO is equally important, only SEO is the way it is. Which we can make our blog a success. 

Dofollow Links 

We can also say dofollow links as follow links. All links are dofollow but if we add Attribute (Rel = “nofollow”) then it becomes nofollow link. The dofollow link does not cause spamming with the search engine. 

Dofollow links allow the search engine to follow the link by giving link juice and backlink. 

Link Juice: – When we hyperlink the page of the website. So Google bots passes the link juice following the links. It also helps in increasing the ranking of link juice post and also the domain authority. 

When you link to a website or page, use the targetted keyword as an anchor text. 

For example –

How to create a blog</>

Where should you use the dofollow link

  • If you have a high quality website then you are linking to it. 
  • If you have copied the original data of any website, then use it as a reference. 

Do Follow and No Follow

Nofollow Links

Nofollow search engine does not allow bots to follow links, only users can follow that link. for example 

How to create a blog

Where to use nofollow link 

  • Never use bad links such as pornsite, spam site, gambling sites on your site, if read by chance, then definitely make it nofollow. 
  • Use nofollow on Affiliate Link too. 
  • If your blog is based on technology and you want to link it with cooking, then you must nofollow it or else the ranking of the site will be down. 

How to check Dofollow and Nofollow –

You right click on your browser and click “Inspect Element” After this, a window will open, it will contain the code of html and you will be able to see whether the link is dofollow or nofollow.

Types of Nofollow link

  1. Robots Meta Tag

This Google bot tells it not to follow the link of the full page.

     2. Link Attributes

This tells search engines not to count links in the rankings of posts or pages.

If you want to check the dofollow and nofollow links of your website, click

Check Dofollow and No follow link

Hope that in this article, you have come to know about dofollow and nofollow link, how to make dofollo or nofollow link, but if there is any doubt then you can comment but if you like this post 

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