Top 5 Keyword Research Tool

Top 5 Free Keyword Research Tool in 2020

In this post today, we will know about the Top 5 Free Keyword Research tool which is used to increase traffic on any website or web page, because keyword is the only tool from which we can increase traffic on our website or blog.

Today, in this article, you will learn about the Top 5 Free Keyword Research tool in detail. You can use all these keyword tools for free, which is very important for the new blogger in today’s time.

Before proceeding further we will know in this post –

  • Top 5 Free Keyword Research Tools
  • how does it work.
  • How to use it
  • How to use them to bring traffic to your website.

First of all, you should know about the keyword. What is a keyword and how many types of keywords.

Two Types of Keywords

  • Generic Keyword – We can also call Generic Keyword as single keyword. Only one word is written in the keyword of this type. Which we use for our blog or article. For example – For our blog post “Top 5 Free Keyword Research Tools”, if we look at the single keyword, free is a single word.
  • Long Tail Keywords – Long Tail Keywords can say those keywords in which use multiple words. For example – This is the title of our article “Top 5 Free Keyword Research Tools Ke Liye” Now if we see multiple keyword in this article, then “Top 5 Free Keyword Research Tools” which becomes Long Tail Keyword because inside this Keyword Multiple words are used.

Top 5 Free Keyword Research Tool

Google Keyword Planner

Google keyword planner is a part of Google AdWords. In this, you can find unlimited keywords, that too for free. This is a type of online tool through which we collect information about keywords to be searched on the Internet.

Google Keyword Planner

We use the keyword tool to get the right keyword for our website or for our article.

Google Keywords Planner has 3 types of keywords-

  • Low
  • Medium
  • High

Competition Google Planner

You should always use a keyword with low competition for your article because there is a lot of competition in high and medium keywords. There are also some demerits of this tools, in this you can not find long tail keyword.

Website Link – Google Keyword Planner

Uber Suggest

Uber Suggest tools is my favorite tools. This tool is developed by Neil Patel or his team. It is also one of the best free tools. This tool is also a better tool than Google Keyword Planner because this Google Keyword Planner finds good results and keywords. It has been announced by Neil Patel himself.

Uber Suggest- keyword research tool

You can use many features in it. If someone is using a particular keyword, they can also be detected.

Uber Suggest is the best SERP Analysis Feature. In this, you can see the position of your website, how many backlinks your website has. How many referring domains are there and how many Organic visitors are there.

Feature of Uber Suggest

  • Here you can see the graph of any keyword.
  • You can see the difficulty of the keyword.
  • You can see the search volume of Keyword.
  • How much CPC is on which keyword also gets found.

Website Link :  Uber Suggest


Spyfu is one of my favorite tools, here you can know the details about your competitor website. With this tools you will also get the best free keyword.

Spyfu-keyword research tool

With the help of this tools, you can check the global ranking organic ranking history of keywords. But with this tools you cannot take full features but you can take advantage of some features.

Website Link :- Spyfu

Feature of Spyfu

  • Monthly Search Global Check
  • Keyword Ranking Difficulty
  • Monthly Search Local Check
  • Related Keywords
  • Organic Ranking History

You get lots of keywords in, the best thing is that where you get lots of long tail keywords. But there is also a demerit of here you get only keywords. You cannot find out how many competitions are on which keyword or how much CPC is there.

The best feature of is that where you can also find keywords for “youtube”, “Bing”, “Amazon”, “ebay”, “instagram”, “App store”.

Features of

  • Show Long Tail Keywords
  • Show 500+ free keywords

Website Link :-


SEMRush is one of the best tools to find the top keyword.

Semrush-Keyword Research Tool

With SEMRush keyword planner tools, you can get information about keyword density, competition and CPC. But SEMRush is a paid tool, yet you can use its trail for 14 days. You can use some of its features for 14 days, if you want to use all its features, then you have to purchase its paid tool. Most of the Hindi and English blogger buy this tools.

There are many SEO Premium tools on the internet but this is the best and the cheapest.

If you start earning income from your blog, then you can buy this tool so that you can bring your blog to the best position.

Website Link :-  SEMRush

Features of SEMRush

  • Check keywords ranking in search engine
  • Check keywords Volume
  • Check keyword CPC
  • Check domain Analytics
  • Check website backlink details

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