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What is Blogger? How to Earn Money from Blogging?

Hello friends, today I am going to tell you about Blogger in this post . Please read this post till the end, then only you will know how a bloggers do blogging. And I am going to tell you in this post what is blogging. And what are its benefits and how to make money from it-

What is Blogger?

What is Blogger

Blogger (formerly: Blogspot) is a blog Hosting service provided by the Google Blogger program, and by service which bloggers can quickly create new blogs.

What is Blogging?

What is Blogging

Blog is an online platform where Blogger shares his Personal Experience and Professional Experience with the whole world.

Friends, blog is a platform where you can express your knowledge in your own words and can give information about that thing to your users. Whatever subject you have good knowledge about, you can start your own blog related to that topic, and can give information to your users.
Friends, in this post I will tell you what things you will need to start your blog and how you can get those things.

Note: – If we want to say in a nutshell, Blog is a website, where Blogger keeps updating its Daily Life.

Some important things you should know about Blogging.

  • You can write blogging on any topic.
  • Blogging should always start at the single Niche.
  • Initially, more attention should be paid to traffic instead of money.
  • Do share on social media profiles for traffic.
  • I should always post the daily routine.

Benefits of Blogs

See the advantages of Blogs itself 

  • By sharing your knowledge with others, that is, by writing an article in Blog, we can also earn money from blogs.
  • Blog can be written in any language.
  • You can make your identity in the world of Internet.
  • No Technical Study is required to create a blog, a blog can also be created by a common person.
  • Increasing your knowledge does not reduce your blogging.
  • You can start your online Bussiness with the help of Blogging.

Why should a Blogger do Blogging?

Why should I do blogging? This is a very important question for those who want to start their own blog. In today’s world, Internet has become more and more like this. That Internet is being used in India at par with America.  The same person always has some ideas. And the internet is an option with which he can share his ideas with the whole world.

There are many ways to blogging on which sites we can create –

1.   Blogger

Blogger is a very famous platform, it is very easy to use. This is Google ‘s product only. 


And blogging is also popular in the whole world, it is also known as Blogspot. Most people use this platform if we have to create a blog for free.

2.    WordPress 

WordpressIn WordPress , we can create a blog both free or Paid. If we create a blog for free in wordpress, then it is like Blogger. It is also very easy to use it. And if Paid Method is used. So it becomes even more powerful than Blogger, it is a Content Management System.

3.    Weebly

Weebly can also blog for free. but it also provides a web hosting service. Websites can also be made with the help of this.

There are many more examples from which we can create a blog for free. Such as Joomla , Wix etc.

To blogging for free and how to earn money from blogging, you click on the link given below .

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What is Blogger(in Hindi)? How to Earn Money Blogging?

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