What is Wordpress

What is WordPress? Step by Step guide for Blogger

Today we will know in this article What is WordPress?And why use it to make a website?

What is WordPress? 

WordPress is an open source website creation tool that we use to create a website. WordPress is written in PHP and SQL. It started on 27 May 2003. This is a Content Management System , there are many more CMS with which we can create a website. And that too in free. 

This is a very good way for non tech people to create a website or blog because it is not necessary to have knowledge of coding to use it.

So today I thought why not give all the information about WordPress in Hindi to you so that you can use it easily. So without delay let’s start and know what WordPress is in Hindi.

Joomla, Drupal, Tumblr etc.

The most people who use CMS in the world is WordPress

Firstly, it was very difficult to create a website or blog at that time because Web Developer and Web Designing could only be done to create a website or blog. 

Earlier there was no Content Management System and this work could be done by those who had good knowledge of Programming. 

Today, CMS has made this task very easy. If we want to blogging today. So WordPress is the easiest CMS because we get ready made designs in it. Such as Theme, Plugins, Widgets etc. Doing this can give a new look to our website very easily. 

Why WordPress is important to us

No Programming is required to learn WordPress. 

Why Need WordPress for new blogger

WordPress has so many options that if we want to create a shopping site. So for this we can use a theme like Woo-Commerce. 

It means to say what kind of website we want to build. You can take the theme of the same style. And you can also customize it at your own will. 

WordPress uses 30.6% of the 10 Million websites in the world. Only then is WordPress the most popular CMS. People who start making blogs use Blogger but when they have learned well. So a lot of Blogger convert it to WordPress. 

The most popular Platform in the world is of 2 types –

  1. Blogger.com

  2. WordPress

Blogger.com is Google’s only free service. We do not have to invest in this nor do we need to buy a domain. Nor of web hosting. Google gives this sub domain to the blogger itself. It also stores the data itself to make the website free. 

WordPress – Many times the question also comes to mind whether WordPress is also free for blogging, yes. WordPress also to create totally free blogs. 

If you want to know the difference between these two, which platform is good then click here.

Wordpress vs Blogger

WordPress provides its services in 2 ways. 

  • WordPress.Com

  • WordPress.org

If you do not want to invest money then WordPress.com is the best platform for you. In this, you do not have the tension of anything, neither the rounds of hosting nor the web server. 


Creating a blog on WordPress.Com is absolutely free. In this we can also customize our website or blog. But there are some disadvantages 

  • They add their own Default WordPress.com to it 
  • Those who have given Themes can use the same. Cannot use separately to give a look to your website. 
  • Nor can anyone use Plugin. 


If you have your own Domain or Hosting. Or if you want to build a website by buying your own domain and hosting, then WordPress.org is very good for you. 

It has many advantages –

  • For this you can choose Top Level Domain  
  • You can host your website in it by making a good Hosting Purchase. 
  • WordPress has 50316 Plugins and you can use any plugin according to your website.
  • Users get thousands of themes in their website or blog. By which we can install our website at our own will and give it a new look. 
  • It also has Themes Mobile Responsive. 
  • WordPress can have more than one user. 

In this post you must have definitely understood about what is WordPress . In this, you must know how to make a website on WordPress , what are its benefits and who is better than Blogger and WordPress. Hopefully this post will prove very useful for you.

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