10th Class | Unit -2 | Self Management Skills SAT

10th Class | Unit -2 | Self Management Skills SAT

Q:-          What is Stress ?

Ans:-     Stress is our body and mind’s response and reaction to challenging or taxing situations in our lives. It is our body’s way of reacting and getting prepared to deal with a situation and the pressures it creates.

Q:-          What is Self-Management ?

Ans:-     Self Manegement skills refer to our abilities to make choices, to control feelings, emotions, reactions and manage activities using time management and organization skills.

Q:-          Write the stress management techniques.


  1. Physical exercise
  2. Healthy diet and lifestyle
  3. Yoga
  4. Meditation
  5. Taking breaks and good sleep
  6. Positive thinking and outlook
  7. Organizing life
  8. Holidaying and vacationing

Q:-          What is Emotional intelligence?

Ans:-     The Emotional intelligence refers to ability to monitor and understand own and others feelings and emotions, and take appropriate actions.

Q:-          What is self Awareness ?

Ans:-     Self-Awareness is the full understanding of self in terms of strengths, weaknesses, interests, abilities, attitude, biases and so forth with a knowledge of how one can utilize these.

10th Class | Unit -2 | Self Management Skills SAT

Q:-          Write the discuss of Self –motivation.

Ans:-     Self-Motivation is ablity to do things on your own without being told to do so. It is a fire within that lights our path and drives us to do and achieve something.

Q:-          Write the note of Self-regulation.

Ans:-     Self-Regulation is the act of managing one’s thoughts and feelings to engage in goaldirected actions such as organizing behavior, controlling impulses, and solving problems constructively.

Q:-          What is time management?

Ans:-     Time management refers to the planning out of available time and controlling the amount of time to be spend on specific tasks in order to work more efficiently.