11th Class IT Notes Presentation in English

Presentation in English

Q:-      Explain the procedure to customize a design template with an example.

Ans:- In presentation software,  there are many in built templates with various layouts, formatting and colors. Templates or presentation templates refer to a sample design that helps in saving our time and effort.

Customized a templates – we can customized the templates in our presentation. We will do the following steps

  1. Open the presentation.
  2. To select a design, select Design tab.
  3. Select the Themes drop-down.
  4. Select a theme to be applied for this design.
  5. We need to save this a template for future use. To save this a template, select File-> Save as…>Template
  6. Enter a file name for this template.
  7. Click save.

Q:-      Name of any five Theme color schemes.

Ans:-  Color Schemes are Aspect, Origin, Civic, Paper, Urban, Module, Median etc.

Q:-      Name of any five Theme Effects

Ans:-  By default theme is Office theme. Other themes are Aspect, Origin, Paper, Urban, Module, Median etc.

Presentation in English

Q:-      Explain the purpose of Slide Master. What are the different types of Slide Master?

Ans:- Microsoft PowerPoint, Slide Master is the top slide that controls all information about theme, layouts, background, fonts, colors, and positioning of all slides. Using Slide Master can be an easy way to adjust the look of an existing theme.

There are four different Master Slides –

·        Slide Master ·        Title Slide Master
·        Notes Master ·        Handout Master
  • Slide Master :- Slide Master controls the format of our slides. Every presentation will at least one-Slide Master.
  • Title Slide Master:- It controls the master for the title page only. It allows to have a title slide slightly different from the other slides.
  • Handout Master:- It controls the look of printed handouts.
  • Notes Master:- It controls the look of printed speaker notes.

Q:-      Explain the advantages of using headers and footers in a presentation.

Ans:-  we can also add headers and footers to the slides using presentation software. Header and footers help to include important information about the slides. It also helps the brand slides with our company name and automatically place a slide number on each slide.

Presentation in English

Q:-      What is Handout Master in presentation Software?

Ans:-  Handouts are set of slides distributed as hard copies to an audience during a presentation. We can customize the handouts using the handout Master in the presentation software.

Handout elements are not visible on the screen as they are meant for printing purposes. A handout is printed for circulating to the audience.

Q:-      How to use of Notes Master in Presentation software?

Ans:-  Notes master view is used for setting up header, footer and layout of printed notes. The formatting of the notes pages are specified in the Notes Master. To work with notes master

  1. Click on the View tab on the Ribbon.
  2. Click on the option Notes Master in the presentation group.
  3. We can also insert pictures, clip arts, shapes, smart art etc. using the illustration group under insert tab.

Presentation in English

Q:-      List any three websites that you can use to submit our templates?

Ans:-  The presentation software has a limited number of in-built templates. There are a number of websites which we can submit our templates. These websites are

Q:-      List the procedure to publish the presentation as a web page.

Ans:-  To publish the presentation as a web page. There are following steps –

  • Open a new presentation or an existing presentation.
  • Select file→ Save As…. Select the type as Web page.
  • Click the button Publish…
  • We can publish the entire presentation or selective slides of a presentation.

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