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What is On Page SEO? How to Rank for website?

Hello friends, in today’s article, we will know what is On Page SEO? And how can we get our website ranked in Google’s First Page? We can optimize our website in 2 ways. – On Page SEO Optimization, second is – OFF Page SEO Optimization .
We have already known about OFF Page SEO Optimization. If you want to know about it, click

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What is OFF-Page SEO? How to increase traffic for your blog?

What is SEO ? How to Important for Website

In this article, we will talk about ON PAGE SEO Technique, which is very important for the website. But what is SEO before you? Should be aware of So what is your article SEO? You can learn about seo by reading the article.

What is On Page SEO?

On Page SEO

To get high ranking on Google by optimizing individual pages in On Page SEO and bringing maximum traffic to it, it is called On Page SEO. It works on the internal part of the website meaning the pages of the site.

On Page SEO में Title, Description, Meta Tags, Content, URL, Keyword density, Content-Length, Subheading tags, Internal Links को optimize करता है।

Today we are going to do the technique of On Page SEO in this article, so that we can do these things and bring our website to the first page of google.

On Page SEO Techniques

On Page SEO
Use Focus means Targeted Keyword in Title Tag

In On Page SEO, first optimize the title because the search engine first displays the title of the page. And keep in mind one thing, you always keep the main keyword at the beginning of the title, this increases the value in its search engine.
Your title must be unique, before creating a title, check that this title does not already exist.

• To Use High Quality Content 

Millions of daily posts are written on the Internet. If you want to bring your post to the First Rank. So you have to write good content for your post.
If you want on the first page of Google, then there should not only be text on your page, images are also used inside it. First, if you take any topics, read them well in the top 10 results on Google. Then you write the best or long content from them and use On Page SEO Technique in a good way, then I can say you for sure. Your post will be on the first page of google within 6 months.

Some High Quality Elements that need to be on your page –
1. The length of the content should be more than 1000 words.
2. The grammar and spelling of the content must be accurate.
3. Always use images, videos in the post.
4. Always use internal and external link in your post.
5. Text should always be Formatted (use H1, H2, H3 tag)

• Add Modifier to Title

To make the title of your post attractive you should use Modifier in Title. Modifiers such as “Best”, “Top”, “Good”, “Helpful”, “Guide” or Current Year (2018) help to rank keywords for long tail.

• Keep Page’s URL Short

Keep the URL of your page as short as possible because Google gives importance to 3 to 5 words of the URL of the page, always use the Target keyword within your URL.

• Optimize Image in Post

You should always use the image in your post, this increases the ranking of our post. If you add an image to the post. The name of that image should also be given the same. Which is your target keyword. Nowadays people like to see more image. That is why search engines also improve the ranking of media-using sites.

• Use H2 and H3 Tag in Keyword

For our content, we use H2 and H3 in the post. This makes our content user friendly. Secondly, if we do it as a keyword then it strengthens the On Page SEO optimize.

• Meta Description

Meta description is called a short description which appears below the title in the search engine. Always use the target keyword in the Meta Description and its length should be up to 180 characters.
If the blog is in Hindi, then write Meta Description in Hindi only. If you have a blog in English, then write the Meta Description in English.

• Website Speed

If your website is taking too long to open. This means the page speed of your website is low. This is a big problem for SEO if you want to know the speed of your website. So you can use the tools given below.

1. GMetrix
2. Google Page Speed
3. Think with Google

Use these tools to know the speed of your website.
Always use the right hosting Do not buy hosting whose website page time is less. If you are creating a blog on WordPress, then take web hosting right, besides use at least plugins widgets, this increases the speed.

• Internal Links

Internal links means linking with other pages of your website.
If you do internal linking properly then the ranking of your page will also increase rather than the page which is linked. Their value will also increase.

1. Always link only related pages in Page or Post.
2. Use internal links in Paragraph only.
3. If possible in links, use high volume keyword.

• External Links

Also use External Link in your page or post like we use internal link. Similarly, External Link of Reference can be created by creating a section.

• Share social

Having Social Button on your page or post gives us positive feedback and visitors can also share. If you create a blog on WordPress, you will get its Plugin.

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